The experience of our staff from hands on management roles such as CEO, President, CFO and Controller, in a range of businesses, means that we can hit the ground running and provide practical solutions creating fast results for our clients.

Strategic work

We can analyze the strategic opportunities and suggest an action plan for a company or organization. We suggest in very practical terms what actions to take as a result of the analysis. The acquisition or sale of companies or parts of operational units could for instance be a result of a strategic analysis. We will, as required, support the owners and management throughout the implementation process of a strategy.

M & A

We can assist in the sale or acquisition process of a company or organizational unit. Our specialty is, as mentioned above, to review the strategic and operational options but also to identify potential partners or acquisition targets. We help the owners and management to create an attractive presentation in order to maximize the result of a sale. If a financial advisor is required for valuation or financing options we can team up with one of our partners in order to maximize the benefit for our client.

Interim Management

We are employed in various interim management roles for instance when a client starts a change process, has lack of resources or a vacancy. We offer a capacity to hit the ground running as we provide extensive experience that we have acquired in a range of situations in different organizations active in various businesses. Typically our staff can be described as senior to the position in which they act, providing a basis for immediate results for the client. We can perform in leadership positions such as CEO, President, Marketing Manger, CFO and Controller in basically any size organization, during a couple of months and up to what may be required.

Project Management

The staff has accumulated extensive experience in successful project management for both industrial projects in € 20 – 400 million range as well as in the implementation of small and medium sized business and finance systems. With “successful” we mean on spec, on time and on budget.

Network of Partners

We cooperate with various partners in order to meet our customers’ requirements.

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